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Ready To Write For The #1 Cube Drafting Site?

In an effort to encourage Cube enthusiasts out there to provide content to other Cube enthusiasts, we’re now offering compensation for those who contribute to the site from here on out.

What You Need To Do:

- Produce a written piece of at least 1,700 words on your favorite cube subject

- Write the piece in Google Docs and invite me (eerwin at gmail dot com) as a collaborator when finished

- Format card names based on the following criteria:

Formatting Card Names

- Please clearly denote special formatting requests (e.g., card images that should be embedded)

- Custom images (e.g. pictures of your cube) should be hosted at for easy embedding

What You Get For Contributing

- Fame and adoration from your fellow Cube enthusiasts!

- 1 Free Month of Premium Access! (or an additional month if you’re an existing subscriber!)

User Contributed Examples

Here are a few excellent examples of user-contributed content:

- Cube Design Theory: Aggro in Cube by Usman Jamil

- Cube For Two by Thea Steele

- Building An All-Commons Cube by Rick Cummings

These give you an example of the quality, formatting, and length of user-contributed pieces we’re looking for. I look forward to seeing your work very soon!

- Evan “misterorange” Erwin
evan.erwin at starcitygames dot com