Evan’s Official M12 and Innistrad Cube Update!

Oh yes! It’s so good to be back! I’ve been working my tail off at SCG, and that cuts into my cubing. But I’ve taken a look at my cube, shaken off some chaff, kept it the same size while adding a total of 39 new cards!

Ready to see what’s changed? Let’s go!

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Goldmeadow Harrier
Kor Firewalker
Emeria Angel
Magus of the Disk
Steppe Lynx
Sunblast Angel
Celestial Crusader
White Sun’s Zenith
Silver Knight

Gideon’s Lawkeeper
Cloistered Youth
Mentor of the Meek
Fiend Hunter
Geist-Honored Monk
Mikaeus, the Lunarch
Grand Abolisher
Hero of Bladehold
Angelic Destiny
Blade Splicer

It’s hard out here for a hate bear. It was time to say goodbye to a true classic, Silver Knight and a recent amazing hoser, Kor Firewalker, for some more raw power and versatility. Now I love me a hate bear, and Grand Abolisher is actually doing some incredibly good work. The times it has shut down my counterspells and spells like Condemn are not imaginary and have swung games in the white weenie player’s favor.

The two pro red guys were also making it incredibly difficult for red decks to win at times. It’s a careful balance not to let U/W Control overtake your cube sessions, and I do all I can to ensure “guys in the red zone and burn to your face” is still a viable strategy. While I will miss my times with Silver Knight (as they are many), I will not miss the frustration as the RDW guy who watches his whole deck get trumped by a 2/2. Kor Firewalker was a much more potent dagger in this regard, obviously.

Goldmeadow Harrier simply got the upgrade to Gideon’s Lawkeeper (what can I say, I like pairing up my Planeswalkers with their minions), and Cloistered Youth is one HELL of a two drop. A two mana 3/3? Yessir! No need to give Kor Firewalker to the control decks–hit em where it hurts in aggro.

Other cuts include Yet Another Wrath/Armageddon Control Didn’t Need (Catastrophe), Too Slow Anymore (Magus of the Disk), Not Effective Enough (Sunblast Angel, often a 1-for-1, and if you made it to 6 mana vs Aggro and X-for-1′d this…then a lot has gone right anyway.) Had high hopes for White Sun’s Zenith but found it, again, just too much mana or too white or whatever metric you’d like to use for it living in sideboards too often and I’d rather put cards in there that add to existing archetypes or at least see play.

Super excited about Mentor of the Meek, I love my white Faceless Butcher that’s now cheaper in Fiend Hunter, God knows I love me a Cloudgoat Ranger and heeeeere’s Geist-Honored Monk! Mikaeus, the Lunarch is an unsung hero, able to fit anywhere on the curve and do some seriously good work with weenie decks. Another Ajani Goldmane is more than welcome. Lastly, I need to get Angelic Destiny in this cube and pronto. Angelic Rancor? Thank you! So sexy. Also, of course, a wonderful combo with Grand Abolisher. Oh, and Blade Splicer. Such value. Such. Value.

Lastly I switched out Emeria Angel for Hero of Bladehold (this was a late addition to this article). Hero of Bladehold is definitely strong enough for both aggro and control decks, and while Emeria Angel -was- a bit better for control, I’m happy giving aggro the better creature in this 4-drop slot.


Blue Cards

Volition Reins
Vesuvan Shapeshifter
Kira, Great Glass-Spinner

Snapcaster Mage
Jace, Memory Adept
Phantasmal Image
Azure Mage

Sacred cows? What sacred cows? I’ve moved Upheaval in and out of my cube. It’s a hard card to appreciate. It’s a hard card to draft around. It’s a tough card to put yourself in a winning position, often exclusively with Psychatog and friends.

And I just want blue cards that are fun to play and fit into more decks. I think we have that.

Volition Reins is Yet Another Control Magic. I have lots of those, and they’re cheaper too. Vesuvan Shapeshifter got replaced by a two mana version. Way, way better. I’m beyond the Pickles Lock (and it was often a silly pipe dream anyway), so let’s just continue with raw efficiency.

Azure Mage is exactly the card to replace Kira, the Great Glass-Spinner. Kira is NOT where I want blue to be in this cube. It is the best color. It is control. It is about drawing cards and doing bits of damage here and there, things that Azure Mage excels at. As for Jace, Memory Adept, what’s better than three Jaces in your cube? I mean, really?

Black Cards

Massacre Wurm
Fume Spitter
Wei Ambush Force
Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni
Wretched Anurid
Sign in Blood

Bloodline Keeper
Diregraf Ghoul
Vampire Interloper
Liliana of the Veil
Bloodgift Demon
Skeletal Scrying

So according to my Advanced Calculations (aka correcting my Excel formula) it appears I had 76 Black cards in my last update. Oops. Now we’re back on track, again killing some sacred cows.

Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni is a great card. A cool card. Flavorful as hell, still very popular, and will be rocking Commander and cubes for years to come. But for me, I have played with this card for–literally–six years. And it’s been a great six years. At first she was an all-star, a high pick, a heavy hitter who put fear in multiple opponents.

But over time, she began to get outclassed. I expected her to get a lot better with my black aggro push, but interestingly it only showed how expensive and narrow she really was. The aggro deck wasn’t making the control decks discard a lot of fatties, making her not as effective. You don’t want to bust her out without getting maximum value, and her spot on the curve in an aggro deck was often frustrating. Anyway, g’bye sweet rat. You’ll be missed. (But probably not.)

Just upgrading some aggro guys with Fume Spitter and friends into awesome dudes like Diregraf Ghoul, Vampire Interloper and Army-In-A-Box Bloodline Keeper. Sign in Blood was upgraded to Skeletal Scrying. Just a much better card drawing spell, instant speed, scalable, etc. One of those Wish-I-Had-It-In-There-For-Years cards.

Bloodgift Demon is pushed in all the right ways and I love it. Liliana of the Veil…do I really need to explain her inclusion? She is indeed a weapon of great power. I’m excited to see how many different control & aggro builds can use her best.

Red Cards

Viashino Slaughtermaster
Red Sun’s Zenith
Dwarven Blastminer
Skirk Marauder
Blast From the Past
Blistering Firecat
Ghitu Slinger

Devil’s Play
Chandra’s Phoenix
Brimstone Volley
Instigator Gang
Chaos Warp
Stormblood Berserker
Reckless Waif

Yes that IS more drops than adds. Oops again, 2.0 beta edition. Moving on.

No one was more disappointed with Blast from the Past than I was. It’s a fine spell, really. Super fun. One problem: Super expensive. Yes, cute U/R decks love it. It can be goofy fun in G/R ramp. But the decks it saw the most play in, Mono Red, R/G aggro and R/B aggro, all wanted something cheaper, stronger, or more versatile. Feel free to imagine Brimstone Volley or Chaos Warp taking its slot.

Viashino Slaughtermaster is just SO awkward. It really wants to be scary in the ways Stormblood Berserker is. But it isn’t.

Upgrading Red Sun’s Zenith to Devil’s Play is pretty obvious. I traded up my Fireslinger and Ghitu Slinger for cards like Instigator Gang and Chandra’s Phoenix. The first is completely unstoppable when flipped, great at the top of the aggro curve,and Chandra’s Phoenix is just amazing. I have left another sacred cow on the chopping block with Blistering Firecat. I have fond, fond memories of this card. I wish it won as much as I was always convinced it would. It usually just died and ate a lot of mana in the process.

Wildfire? Pretty sacred. Don’t care. The decks that used to use this card have moved on, become more efficient at what they do, or just use different game plans. There was a day when Keiga, the Tide Star + Wildfire was one of the most powerful one-two punches in Magic. Those days are over.

Lastly, the #1 way Red decks win in my experience is by hitting their Turn 1 drops. And Reckless Waif is no Goblin Guide but hella close. Hella.


Sylvan Ranger
Devoted Druid
Wolfbriar Elemental
Rampaging Baloths

Garruk, Primal Hunter
Garruk Relentless
Scavenging Ooze
Daybreak Ranger

Ah, upgrades and Planeswalkers. This one is short and sweet.

I love me a Garruk, I tell you. Three Jaces, Three Garruks. Fully okay with this. Garruk, Primal Hunter is just…absurd, and Garruk Relentless is just now making its way into Standard decks the world over. Scavenging Ooze is another winner from Commander, and I think we can all agree Skinshifter is a -wee- bit more exciting than Sylvan Ranger. I cut Devoted Druid because, well, I got plenty of 1-drop accelerators and this was simply the worst/clunkiest two mana accelerator.

Lastly, oh Wolfbriar Elemental. I know what I was trying to do with you, and I think everyone else saw it too. You want to be a mono green deck’s best friend. And those decks exist. But not in this format.

And is that the Kibler-favorite Daybreak Ranger? You bet it is. Replacing the far too unsexy Rampaging Baloths (Hell, Primeval Titan is better), this card is nuts pre and post-flip. I hope it hits Standard hard, as I think it deserves it and Kibler is certainly trying to make it happen. Regardless, when it flips it’s basically Visara the Dreadful if you have red mana. Not too shabby.

Colorless Cards

Obelisk of Alara
Sigil of Distinction

Shrine of Burning Rage
Shrine of Loyal Legions
Phyrexian Revoker

Okay, so Bonehoard is cute. Seriously, seriously cute. Moving on with my life now.

Also, Lashwrithe was not actually that bad. But “not actually that bad” is not a recommendation, it is a placation and settling for a card that could be more interesting, more played, and a hell of a lot less narrow.

Sigil of Distinction I’m just tired of giving +3/+3 or +2/+2 to any given creature. Another card that reads like it would be an auto-include into every cube, but in practice has very rarely been ‘good’ let alone great. Obelisk of Alara is cool. Flavorful, neat, does somewhat powerful things with somewhat not-demanding mana requirements. I’d rather have either Shrine than this card. Or Mortarpod. Or a proactive card like Phyrexian Revoker.

As for those additions, just how sick are those Shrines? Pretty damn sick! I love their power level and am very happy to remove cards that will see little play with cards that should see lots of play.

Phyrexian Revoker should’ve been in here for awhile. Somewhat of an oversight, sometimes for size reasons, etc. But aggro decks of all sorts will appreciate naming Jace, the Mind Sculptor as soon as possible.

MultiColor Cards

Shambling Remains
Grand Arbiter Augustin IV

Olivia Voldaren
Geist of Saint Traft
Edric, Spymaster of Trest

So, let’s play a little game of Sick Upgrades.

First? Shambling Remains => Olivia Voldaren

Have you ever untapped with Olivia in play? Have you? Seriously? Good lord that card is dumb. It makes Kumano, Master Yamabushi the Squire of this Stoneforge Mystic relationship.

Grand Arbiter Augustin IV => Geist of Saint Traft

So I draft this U/W Control deck. You know how much mana denial I have? Not much. You know how badly I want you to not use your infinite burn spells and removal spells on my guys? Lots. I can Wrath of God and bounce your guys. I just need something that is cheap, easy to defend and kills in four turns. OHEI Geisty!

Voidslime => Edric, Spymaster of Trest

So there was once a wee little counterspell that did wee little things in various degrees. In its few and far between Blue/Green control decks (that often want to be aggro-oriented with a touch of control–and doesn’t like tough mana requirements at times), it did some good work. It stopped a few powerful spells. It messed up some important triggers.

But then the Spymaster came into town. And he draws you cards. LOTS of cards. And is quickly on the board on Turn 2 with a variety of accelerants.

Did I mention he draws you cards? Voidslime never drew me a damn thing.


Windbrisk Heights
Exotic Orchard

Moorland Haunt
Kessig Wolf Run

Man do I love me a sweet nonbasic land. As our new Standard is slowly showing us, the best of the Innistrad rare lands are these two and it’s not close. Both do very powerful things incrementally or all at once, and often win the game soon after.

I loved Windbrisk Heights‘ reign in Standard. I’ve activated it a few times in the cube, too. I felt like it was great to try and put pressure on your opponent by threatening its use, I loved of course the tie-in with Spectral Procession, and Exotic Orchard felt like a great fixer. But Windbrisk Heights often didn’t do enough. Many times getting to the prerequisite creature amount would give you the 3-for-1 they were waiting on. Their removal spells would stop it from firing, and often you’d feel bad when you watched the whole game go by without triggering it, or you’d try so hard only to see an Elite Vanguard or something underneath.

As for Exotic Orchard…meh. I just felt like it was the worst of the fixer lands, while Moorland Haunt and/or Kessig Wolf Run are both much sexier. By miles. Lots. Bunches. Get outta here, and take your unreliable mana with you.


So that’s it! I apologize for the delay of course, but I think we’ve once again moved the goalposts. The cube is now more powerful, more streamlined, and I hope more fun. The idea is to give the most visceral experience possible, and I appreciate any and all feedback. Did I miss something from M12 or Innistrad? Should I have went all-in on Mayor of Avabruck and friends? Feel free to chime in.

Thanks again for your patience, and I expect to see you here again in February for a whole new set of changes with the release of Dark Ascension.

- Evan


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  1. My biggest concern actually was going to the lack of Mayor’s inclusion in green. He wins by himself and doesn’t need much support. I personally thing Relentless is underpowered and the Mayor would make a great include.

    Ross Prajzner | Oct 9, 2011 | Reply

  2. Curious as to why you cut Steppe Lynx, it is an absolutely amazing creature, unless you don’t have lands to play… Especially when you add Mentor of the Meek =/

    Angelic Destiny makes me go huhwtflol? It is by no stretch of the imagination a white Rancor, since
    Rancor costs one and Rancor costs four.

    Gideon’s Lawkeeper seems way below the power level I would expect out of my one-drops.

    How can you say Fume Spitter -> Bloodline Keeper is an upgrade when they are cards for two completely different decks??? I get the feeling you have poorly supported aggro which leads to these absurd changes.

    Maybe you can explain it, but to me it feels like non-red aggro just doesn’t work.

    Jonnie | Oct 9, 2011 | Reply

  3. first

    Q | Oct 9, 2011 | Reply

  4. You should have kept in Goldmeadow Harrier. I mean seriously? Gideon’s Lawkeeper? His sling-stones don’t even come from the dawn side of the river bank! In fact, I don’t think he even uses sling-stones!!!

    Q | Oct 9, 2011 | Reply

  5. White:
    Kor Firewalker / Silver Knight -> Grand Abolisher: There are no playable cards in red that can deal with a protection creature and it can stop a huge majority of their creatures as well, since almost all of them are small ground guys.
    Abolisher on the other hand only stops ~4 spells in your opponent’s deck if you are facing UX control, and there are plenty of cards that can deal with it, be it bounce, counter or control magic effects.

    Catastrophe is NOT just “Yet Another Wrath/Armageddon Control Didn’t Need” but easily White’s best card > 5 mana / the best Wrath variant that doesn’t cost 4. You can’t just put 2 of the best spells in white that happened to complement each other on the same card and expect to get something fair. Like I have already said earlier: if you are behind on the board, you don’t lose and if you are ahead, you just seal the game.

    Steppe Lynx is a great card in beatdown decks and until ~T5 it is a better attacker than Isamaru (which is the turn where you want to win with your aggro decks anyway). Drawn later it gets temporarily worse, but afterwards you can trigger landsfall reliably again, since you can just hold back the unnecessary lands.
    At this size, you can’t really afford such a quality 1 drop, since it really hurts aggro.

    Sunblast Angel is cutable, but I heavily disagree with your evaluation on the card:
    “often a 1-for-1, and if you made it to 6 mana vs Aggro and X-for-1′d this…then a lot has gone right anyway.”
    If your opponent has attacked you last turn it is more likely that you get a 3:1 or 4:1 out of the deal, imediatelly stabilize the board, and put a creature into play that is bigger than everything in your opponent’s deck to answer future threats or start getting on the offensive yourself. I prefer this to Martial Coup, which is just poor for Victim of Night looks pretty straightforward.

    The last black card that is worth mentioning is probably Tribute to Hunger as an instant speed editct with a significant upside, but I wouldn’t add it over Consuming Vapors, which is currently missing and gives you twice the effect for just 1 extra mana.

    If you ignore the cute parts of Blast from the Past, you get a Electrolyze, Fiery Temper and Firebolt hybrid.
    1RR for 2 damage and a card is already a good deal, when you use cycling+madness at the same time (you were aware of this interaction, right?) and as a bonus you get a Firebolt in your yard that you can flashback for less mana and at instant speed.
    Madness on its own is rather narrow, but often enough you have the 1 mana open to get a free shock out of the deal and put another one into your graveyard for later.
    If you think this is a cute but too expensive burn spell, what about Sudden Shock, Puncture Blast and Urza’s Rage?

    Devoted Druid is not a 360 core staple by any means, but unlike the other 2 mana ramp spells it always gives you a +2 mana boost like a Dark Ritual and also leaves a Llanowar Elf behind. If you want to cut a ramp spell, get rid of Rampant Growth (which is also a worse card than Farseek in a 20 dual format) / Explore.

    Bramblecrush gives you a catch all for noncreature threats, be it Sword of X+Y, Moat, Library or a Planeswalker.

    Moldgraf Monstrosity is the green version of Reveillark only that you can get back big creatures as well and you pay 2 mana for twice the amount of power and protection from burn.

    I think Juggernaut is a better cut than Bonehoard, since while the creature is more consistent, it doesn’t really do something broken either. Bonehoard should be ~ 4/4 when you attack with it, so you are not missing out on too much damage and it gets a lot bigger as the game progresses, leaves an equipment behind when they deal with your creature and in the lategame you can simpl play+ equip it the same turn for a 10 dmg swing out of nowhere.

    Moorland Haunt might be good in T2, but when do you draft an UW deck with a creature density that is compareable to the Illusion deck?
    I think it is strange that you want to give a guild which is best with creature light control decks a card that relies on creature cards, while GW which everybody associates with plenty of creatures and token strategies doesn’t get Gavony Township.

    Kor Sancitifiers » Kor Sanctifiers
    Mikeaus, the Lunarch » Mikaeus, the Lunarch
    Scavaging Ooze » Scavenging Ooze

    Man-O-War » Man-o’-War
    Chandra the Firebrand » Chandra, the Firebrand
    Kiki-Jiki Mirror Breaker » Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker
    Venser the Sojourner » Venser, the Sojourner
    Nath of the Gilt Leaf » Nath of the Gilt-Leaf

    Autogenerated analysis
    77 uncommon and 45 very uncommon choices in a 575 cards cube
    Unusual cards
    Mentor of the Meek !
    Soltari Crusader !
    Angelic Destiny !
    Geist-Honored Monk !
    Fiend Hunter !
    Mikaeus, the Lunarch !
    Grand Abolisher !
    Excluded cards
    Hero of Bladehold !
    Accorder Paladin !
    Steppe Lynx !
    Soltari Champion
    Mirror Entity
    Soltari Trooper
    Stormfront Pegasus
    Glorious Anthem
    Silver Knight
    Mistral Charger

    Unusual cards
    Aeon Chronicler !
    Time Warp !
    Azure Mage
    Excluded cards
    Ponder !
    Gifts Ungiven
    Into the Roil
    Memory Lapse
    Time Spiral
    Psionic Blast
    Kira, Great Glass-Spinner

    Unusual cards
    Bloodline Keeper !
    Blind Creeper !
    Daggerclaw Imp !
    Pulse Tracker !
    Skeletal Scrying
    Excluded cards
    Consuming Vapors
    Dark Ritual
    Liliana’s Specter
    Vampire Hexmage
    Braids, Cabal Minion
    Bane of the Living
    Night’s Whisper
    Fume Spitter
    Ob Nixilis, the Fallen
    Yawgmoth’s Will

    Unusual cards
    Stigma Lasher !
    Sulfur Elemental !
    Instigator Gang !
    Frazzled Editor !
    Stromkirk Noble !
    Reckless Waif !
    Magus of the Moon !
    Tin Street Hooligan
    Excluded cards
    Hero of Oxid Ridge
    Manic Vandal
    Arc Lightning
    Moltensteel Dragon
    Forked Bolt
    Crater Hellion
    Ghitu Slinger
    Blistering Firecat

    Unusual cards
    Daybreak Ranger !
    Spectral Force !
    Saproling Burst
    Excluded cards
    Wild Mongrel
    Wall of Roots
    Woodfall Primus
    Twinblade Slasher
    Mire Boa
    Pouncing Jaguar
    Rampaging Baloths
    Uktabi Orangutan
    Wild Dogs

    Unusual cards
    Geist of Saint Traft !
    Selesnya Guildmage !
    Rakdos Guildmage !
    Izzet Chronarch !
    Soul Manipulation !
    Nucklavee !
    Wilt-Leaf Liege !
    Nath of the Gilt-Leaf
    Cold-Eyed Selkie
    Excluded cards
    Loam Lion
    Grand Arbiter Augustin IV
    Desolation Angel

    Unusual cards
    Woolly Thoctar !

    Unusual cards
    Mortarpod !
    Shrine of Loyal Legions !
    Shrine of Burning Rage !
    Silent Arbiter !
    Tumble Magnet !
    Eldrazi Monument !
    Trusty Machete
    Excluded cards
    Icy Manipulator
    Mind Stone
    Winter Orb
    Black Vise
    Memory Jar
    Crucible of Worlds

    Unusual cards
    Moorland Haunt !
    Miren, the Moaning Well !
    Kessig Wolf Run !
    Urza’s Factory !
    Halimar Depths !
    Darkslick Shores
    Excluded cards
    City of Brass
    Grand Coliseum
    Faerie Conclave
    Gemstone Mine
    Battlefield Forge

    eidolon | Oct 9, 2011 | Reply

  6. For the most part this looks like a great update with a lot of upgrades Evan, but like eidolon pointed out, Blast from the Past should definitely be in here still unless you wanted to purge all Un-cards. I put the card on the level of Lightning Bolt/Searing Blaze/Sulfuric Vortex as far as red spells go. It’s a mono-color Electrolyze that trades the ability to split the damage with the ability to flashback/buyback/kicker/madness…It’s like the easiest 3-for-1 you can get outside of a Fact or Fiction or Wrath of God.

    Kenny Mayer | Oct 9, 2011 | Reply

  7. Hm, somehow almost my whole comment about black is missing, so here the short version again:

    “Sunblast Angel is cutable, but I heavily disagree with your evaluation on the card:
    “often a 1-for-1, and if you made it to 6 mana vs Aggro and X-for-1′d this…then a lot has gone right anyway.”
    If your opponent has attacked you last turn it is more likely that you get a 3:1 or 4:1 out of the deal, imediatelly stabilize the board, and put a creature into play that is bigger than everything in your opponent’s deck to answer future threats or start getting on the offensive yourself. I prefer this to Martial Coup, which is just poor for …”

    …less than 7 mana.

    After your aggro update Fume Spitter has plenty of targets (1/3 of the creaturs in your cube) and you can use it to prevent creatures from trading in combat / use it to block and kill something on the D against another aggro deck.

    I no longer play with Massacre Wurm, but it has a much bigger immediate and long term impact than Skeletal Vampire.

    With twice as many 5+ toughness creatures in your cube compared to the number of Vampires, Zombies and Werewolfs, cutting Grasp of Darkness for Victim of Night looks pretty straightforward. Even some of the small creatures can suddenly get out of Grasp size with the pump effects in the cube.

    The last black card that is worth mentioning is probably Tribute to Hunger as an instant speed edict with a significant upside, but I wouldn’t add it over Consuming Vapors, which is currently missing and gives you twice the effect for just 1 extra mana.

    eidolon | Oct 9, 2011 | Reply

  8. Silver Knight:
    White needs it aggro, and this is one of the best at what it does. I’d run this before Serra Avenger, who though is a great drop, doesn’t necessarily help the aggro front cause you can’t drop her down on the turns when you really want to.

    Steppe Lynx:
    Also if you want to improve your aggro, don’t cut cards like Steppe Lynx, which are the real deal.

    Kira, Great Glass Spinner:
    The description you gave about Kira is exactly what she does. She protects your creatures, helping your control, while chipping at their health as a 2/2 flyer? I’m just saying, maybe u described why you cut it in the wrong sense? Cause what Kira does is what you described other than drawing cards. I love Kira in my cube as it enables me to focus on controlling their side of the board. I also love Azure Mage though. I mean, if anything Calcite Snapper doesn’t do what you want blue to do even more so based on your description?

    Deciever Exarch has been amazing in our cube compared to Pestermite. Pestermite flying in for damage is cute, but we’ve found the blocking ability to just be more applicable.

    Blistering Firecat:
    I have found this does more dmg than Chandra’s Phoenix overall, and in an efficient red aggro deck, it usually tops out their curve (3 mana into 2 the next turn and playing another dude is a fine play). Gives red that extra reach at end game that it needs.

    How can you cut farseek but keep rampant growth? The fact that you can grab dual lands with it is too good to pass up. Plus the fact that if your casting it you already have a green mana source, making the “Not able to grab forest” a decent trade off for the ability to fix your mana on a higher level.

    I’d keep Voidslime before Cold-Eyed Selkie also. Cold-Eyed is just too hit or miss in application (They have to have an Island for it to be anywhere near decent, and it has to have some sort of way to pump it to be really good), where as Voidslime is another counterspell, and also that it can counter abilities is only going to INCREASE in applicability as time goes on (with planeswalker and the like becoming more predominant in the cube).

    JosephProphet | Oct 11, 2011 | Reply

  9. I liked your inclusion of Cloistered Youth, and even found a foil version in the random foil box at my LGS, only to realize my cube sleeves aren’t completely opaque.

    Foiled again.

    Zachary Evans | Oct 14, 2011 | Reply

  10. Will there be an DA update soon?

    Måns | Feb 16, 2012 | Reply

  11. Updates??? :)

    xxDOZ3Rxx | Mar 22, 2012 | Reply

  12. Apparently no update for the next few months …

    Hank | Mar 31, 2012 | Reply

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