Announcing: The Space Cube Project

Submitted & Written by Dan Cunningham

Do you like Magic?  Of course you do.  Cube drafting?  Probably – I haven’t found anyone who doesn’t.  How about Sci-Fi?  It’s not a far-fetched to say that sci-fi fans and magic fans have a bit of overlap.

Back in 2007, the mothership ran a “What If?” Week.  One day they wrote about Space: The Convergence.  It was as if Magic was designed with not fantasy flavor, but with sci-fi flavor.  Of course, this was just a what-if, right?  Wrong.
What is the Space Cube?
The Space Cube project is a (hobby non-profit) redesign project that turned a Magic Cube into a science-fiction card game. A modern spaceframe was created as a counterpart to the modern Magic frame and certain keywords were changed – and many more invented. Where the original mothership article states that spells instead become teleport, we call spells orders. Planeswalkers were introduced as generals, fighting on your side for galactic domination.

What cards did we redesign?
As a starting point we focused on the cards in wtwlf123′s cube, on We’re trying to update our cube as he updates his.  Once we finished that, now we’re also recreating other cards. The Photoshop template is available so that you can make your own cards, and cube.

Will the Space Cube be sold or otherwise available?
NO. The Space cube will only be available as digital renders as long as we receive no takedown notices. It falls upon you to print your spacecube yourself for personal use.

Please visit us on our thread at, check out our visual spoiler.

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  1. Too bad there’s no comment because it’s friggin awesome! Good work guys!

    NewbornMuse | Oct 23, 2011 | Reply

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