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Evan’s Scars of Mirrodin Pre-Orders! »

Every set release I Pre-Order my foils — I’ve listed my purchases for M11 and Rise of the Eldrazi previously. Now it’s time for Scars of Mirrodin! These cards will be playtested in the next few months as I prepare my Scars of Mirrodin updates. This Friday expect to see my M11 update (hint: Fauna [...]


Cube Draft Walkthrough »

I’m trying something new here, so bear with me if it’s not entirely well-executed. A few nights ago I wrote down the details of my cube draft (picks, deckbuilding, and games), and I’m going to transcribe it here. I hope it is entertaining, interesting, or at least not too embarrassing in retrospect. Let me know [...]


First Four Picks #14 »

This is an auto-generated random pack from my cube, and you tell me your first four picks and feel free to debate others’ choices in the comments. This is assuming this is Pack 1 Pick 1. Imagine picking a card (Pick #1) and then imagine seeing this pack without that card (pick #2). Then imagine [...]