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Buried Cube Treasures – Part 1 »

This guest post is written by Usman Jamil. For those wishing to contribute to, contact evan dot erwin at starcitygames dot com. This 2-part article aims to discuss a handful of these lesser-known cards to help cube designers become informed about the existence and use of these buried treasures to use in their cubes.


Rise of the Eldrazi Cube Update »

Hello again, it’s time for some cube updates! First we’ll go over the big changes put in place last time: Removal of the Signets / Karoos – Still in place! I can safely say I’m much happier with my cube now that these are gone. I don’t miss them and I feel they better define [...]


M11 Cube Order! »

Beginning with Worldwake I began to pre-ordering foils I expect to put in my cube. Here are the M11 cards I’m adding to the cube for testing. Stay tuned for my official Rise of the Eldrazi cube update soon.