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Worldwake Cube Update »

Hello everybody, it’s another set release and another update to my Cube. In my last release, I spoke of what I wanted to focus on with that cube update, and I’ll do so again. This update is HUGE in a variety of ways — one, we have a huge sea change in the manafixing portion [...]


Rise of the Eldrazi Cube Pre-Ordering »

While my Official Worldwake Cube Update is still a week or so away (it will coincide with the actual release of Rise of the Eldrazi, as I fully playtest my changes w new sets before advocating them), starting with Worldwake I’ve begun pre-ordering foils I feel will be worth testing in the cube. After the [...]


Cube For Two »

This guest post is written by Thea Steele. For those wishing to contribute to, contact eerwin at gmail dot com. I have a confession to make- I’m a magic player without a playgroup. I’ve recently moved across the country, and my magic-playing community consists of myself and my boyfriend. The good news is that [...]