Cube Draft Podcast!

Over at MTGCast, Mr. Suitcase has just posted a very interesting podcast regarding his cube and cube drafting.

Thanks for Mr. Suitcase for letting me know about it, and check it out!


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  1. Interesting pod cast. His cube seems to be very large with lots of less-than-exciting cards. I much prefer the cube listed on this site, but I certainly understand the benefits of having a larger, more diverse cube like MrSuitcase’s.

    Sometimes the cube on this site can seem small; you often see the same card interactions and plays from week to week. A larger cube inevitably forces one to include sub-optimal cards (which is normal in a traditional booster draft), but it allows for more unseeable plays, unique game situations, and fun, tense, and longer games.

    I presently run a copy of the cube, card-for-card, but I have deeply considered expanding it to include more of the types of cards touched on by Mr.Suitcase. (definitely not Liar’s Pendulum though.)

    Zac | Mar 17, 2009 | Reply

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