The Magic Show’s Top Ten Cube Cards!

Had a fun time with this one. Debates can be had over Sword of Body and Mind and Mind Twist over my selections, but I stand by the list.


Official Dragon’s Maze & M14 Cube Update!

Yup, it’s that time again. These updates always take me longer than I think they will. They hinge on a variety of factors including my own playgroup, my design style and goals, and what I feel is balanced. Feel free to use this as a guide for your own cube or chime in with your own opinions on my choices.

Click here to check out the official Google Doc!

The cube is now up to 689 cards, including 86 of each color, 81 Colorless/Artifact cards, 97 Multicolor cards and 81 Land cards.

With that said, let’s go!

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Dregs: Rethinking the Worst Cards in Your Cube

Written & Submitted by Raymond Daniels

A little background:  I love cube.  Ever since Evin Erwin’s “Eventide Me Over” episode I have been absolutely ecstatic about the format where you get to play with all of the best cards in Magic.  I still remember the scrubbier days of the cube where bears and Serra Angel were present amongst random yet financially cheap bombs like Skullclamp.  And like every person who has been cubing as long as I have I have very strong opinions about how to design a cube and what is and is not a cube worthy card (and I mean every person, if you don’t feel strongly enough about cube you haven’t been doing it long enough). Namely, I have seen quite a few cubes that have cards I consider nowhere near cube-worthy based on a few criteria: Read the rest


Official Gatecrash Cube Update!

It’s here, and it’s bigger and badder than ever. The multitude of changes include adding even MORE fatties, adding the mana and adding the fun.

Check out the official Gatecrash Cube Google Doc!

The cube is now up to 669 cards, including 86 of each color, 80 colorless cards, 79 Multicolor, and 70 Land cards.

Ready to discuss the changes? Let’s go!

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Gatecrash Preorder List!

So each time the full visual spoiler is ready, up go the foils on Here is the list I expect to preorder and give a shot in the Cube…

NOTE: I don’t expect all of these to make it (by any stretch).

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How Cube Drafting Taught Me to Play Better in Constructed Formats

Submitted & Written by Andy Rogers.

I’m not a great constructed player. I likely never will be. Others in my playgroup are particularly good at building combos into their decks. Those decks are usually online by turn three or four and by then, I’m already losing. I still have a lot of fun playing constructed games. I read decklists and stick to powerful archetypes in order to win, but I know my strengths and constructed isn’t one of them.

Casual formats like Cube Drafting, EDH, Planechase, and other variants are where I have the most fun, and win more games. I found that cubing, in particular, has taught me more about the game and how individual cards work than other variants. This is because cubing, unlike the other variants, offers an extremely random card selection. This randomness often creates strange situations on the board that push me to make cards interact with each other in ways that they typically wouldn’t in a constructed game. Here are some examples of what I mean.
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Official M13 and RTR Cube Update!

A long time coming (aren’t they all?), but we’re here! :)

Check out the official Google Doc!

Big changes this go-around: The cube got bigger, the fat got added, and we went all-in on new Return to Ravnica goodies. Let’s go!

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RTR Preorders!

Return to Ravnica Foils are now available for preorder, and for those curious, here’s what went into my cart:

Angel of Serenity
Phantom General
Precinct Captain

Cyclonic Rift
Faerie Imposter
Jace, Architect of Thought

Desecration Demon
Ultimate Price
Underworld Connections

Ash Zealot
Gore-House Chainwalker (added post-publishing)
Mizzium Mortars

Deadbridge Goliath
Mana Bloom

Abrupt Decay
Azorius Charm
Detention Sphere
Dreg Mangler
Grisly Salvage
Izzet Charm
Jarad’s Orders
Lotleth Troll
Loxodon Smiter
Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius
Rakdos Charm
Rakdos, Lord of Riots
Rakdos’s Return
Selesnya Charm
Sphinx’s Revelation
Supreme Verdict

Deathrite Shaman
Dryad Militant
Judge’s Familiar
Rakdos Cackler
Rakdos Shred-Freak
Vraska, the Unseen (added after publishing)

Chromatic Lantern

Hallowed Fountain
Overgrown Tomb
Rogue’s Passage
Steam Vents
Temple Garden
(Foiling out my shocklands)

Will be updating both the M13 goodies AND RTR inclusions soon! What did I miss? Go to!


Official Dark Ascension and Avacyn Restored Cube Update!

Oh man it’s been too long! We got ourselves two sets to add this time, and there is plenty of movers and shakers included.

View the Updated Google Doc (newly designed!)

Dozens of cards replaced, the cube got bigger by 30 cards or so, and all sorts of surprises are inside. Let’s talk cube!

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A Weekend Lost in the Cube

There aren’t too many things that get me to squeal in excitement like a four-year old. The seconds preceding new Game of Thrones episodes, the intro to “This Charming Man,” and any announcement indicating that I’m gonna get to do some cube drafting. So when Wizards announced that there’d be MTGO cube queues, on the first weekend of my spring break, the joyful, high-pitched noises may have alarmed some nearby neighbors and roommates. I bused home on Friday morning and in the midst of matzos and family, I crammed a respectable 14 drafts into the cube preview weekend, often barely noticing as the sun slithered through my windows and cast a glare on my glowing monitor.

Below, I’ve provided the fourteen decklists and brief descriptions of the tournaments I entered. I feel that, by the end, I had a good grip on how to draft this cube and some insights on what works and what doesn’t in the format. I’ve done this so that readers can compare notes, perhaps gain some perspective, and inevitably refute my claims. I also feel obliged to add to the literature concerning cube drafting, as I’ve enjoyed the work of Evan Erwin, Aintrazi and Parnell, Thea Steele, and others so thoroughly. Additionally, I figure long declarations of near-spiritual allegiance to the sub-game of cube can only help foster supports from Wizards.
Anyway, here are my reports from 14 draft queues.
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